The Reliant Dawn


The Dawn

At over 5 kilometres long, the Reliant Dawn – a Mars Class Battle Cruiser – dwawfs many orbital stations found around the sector. As a relic from the Gothic War, the Dawn shows numerous signs of previous fighting. Now retrofitted and repainted in black and gold, the cruiser is a stern reminder of the might of the Inquisition.

As Valdane’s personal flagship, the Dawn transports his retinue’s various personnel, materiel, and weapons to missions across Calixis and beyond.

Mars Class Battle Cruisers

The Mars Class Battle Cruiser was designed to replace the Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser as a small fleet carrier and long range patrol ship. It serves in both roles adequately well, but excels at neither.

The Mars class features the classic armoured prow, allowing it to close with the enemy in relative safety. Its main armament consists of medium sized, long ranged weapons batteries, two lances on the dorsal section, and the fearsome Nova Cannon. It can also support a good number of attack craft. These allow the Mars Class to engage the enemy whilst out of range of their main weapon systems, or go closer to the enemy and use its attack craft to protect itself or make lightning raids against enemy ships.

The Mars Class is thought to be undergunned by many Imperial Navy Captains, and the shipyards of Mars stopped laying down Mars Class keels some 1,900 years ago. Those that remain, however, are on active front line duty, for as many captains who do not like them, there are those who adore their ability to operate at stand-off range.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 5.4 km long, 0.85 km abeam.
Mass: 33 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 107,000 crew; approx.
Acceleration: Maximum 2.3 gravities sustainable.
Major Weapon Platforms:
Two Dorsal Lances, Prow Nova Cannon, 8 Broadside Macro-batteries


Acolyte Lodgings: 2
Armoury/Outfitters: 2
Chapel: 1
Flight Bay: None
Medical Bay: 1
Workshop: 1


The Hub

Acolyte Lodgings
Flight Bay
Medical Bay

The Reliant Dawn

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