The Inheritors


The Children of the Inheritance, sometimes known simply as the Inheritors, are a heretical xenophilious cult originating on Thaur that grew out of many radical sects of the Eulogus Askelline. Whereas other splinter groups and hidden cults within the Eulogus break with tradition while remaining mostly harmless, this cult is an entirely different beast, corrupted by the very evil that the Eulogus Askelline’s precursor order was established to guard against.

Known to only a few, and perhaps not even to the current Lord of the Wake himself, the Eulogus Askelline was originally founded with a more dire purpose than merely seeing to the proper caretaking of the dead. The sect’s secondary purpose also called for them to protect against something from Thaur’s distant past. This has been shrouded by the veil of ages, forgotten over the millennia by all but the most fanatical and devoted members of the Eulogus. Even then, the majority of those with any knowledge dismiss it as legend.

Ironically, this knowledge was the genesis of the Children of the Inheritance. This small kernel of knowledge of Thaur’s earlier inhabitants grew into a profane worship of forgotten xenos deities, under the leadership of Arch-Rector Legatarius Carolus Renthear, himself a powerful and highly placed member of the Eulogus.

The primary source of the cult’s knowledge of the ancient xenos comes from direct contact with the artifacts that remain. Proximity with many of these objects produces terrifying visions of a time long before the origins of Mankind. These visions are particularly vivid for psykers and can be utterly mind-shattering; unsurprisingly, many of the cultists are completely insane. Most, however, are able to conceal their madness well enough to continue in their duties as members of the Eulogus Askelline. The lower echelons of the cult have only minimal, if any, direct exposure to the artifacts, and so are in a better state to interact with others.

The impossibly ancient artifacts are vital to the ceremonies and worship practices of the cult, which often involve a high-ranking member exposing himself to visions and interpreting them for the rest of the assemblage. A number of the leaders exhibit psychic powers, despite having no prior history of exhibiting such abilities. Whether exposure to the artifacts triggered nascent psychic ability, enhanced it, or created it, is a matter of debate within the cult’s leaders. However, many of these magisters and praesuls relish in their newfound powers, which they take as evidence of the blessed gods’ favour. Many cultists believe that these supernatural abilities are not psychic powers at all, but direct manifestations of the divine will of the gods.

Arch-Rector Renthear and the Inheritors were defeated by Inquisitor Valdane and his acolytes during the Thaurian Incident. It is currently unknown if any Inheritor cells still exist on Thaur, within the Askellon Sector, or beyond.

The Inheritors

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