The Anzaforr Dynasty

For much of the Askellon Sector’s recorded history, the Anzaforr Dynasty been one of the greatest, if not the foremost, of its trade dynasties. Indeed, the family’s Warrant of Trade is said to have been bestowed during the Great Crusade, and signed by Malcador the Sigilite himself. Of course, in these times, the Warrant is held safely behind a stasis field, hidden away on one of the family’s many estates, so this claim is difficult to verify, but Aristide himself is quick assure any who ask that he has seen it.

In recent millennia, the Anzaforr Dynasty’s greatest competition has come from the Surena Dynasty, whose more recent and riotous arrival in the Askellon Sector disrupted the exploitation of resources beyond the fringes by the Anzaforr Dynasty, House Roth, and other established powers.

This conflict came to a head just over a century ago with the bloody war over a newly rediscovered set of worlds, and the set of violent, destructive skirmishes. The war resulted in untold collateral damage, costing both dynasties and the sector greatly. In the aftermath of the conflict, the great powers of the Imperium demanded both houses undergo considerable penance.

Aristide Anzaforr, having newly-inherited the family’s Warrant of Trade in the wake of the war, accepted this requirement without question and immediately turned the major part of his dynasty’s resources toward compliance. This included the family’s flagship, The Oath Unspoken, captained personally by the Rogue Trader on journeys of pilgrimage, and his connections within the Adeptus Ministorum have grown deep during this time.

The Surena Dynasty, now led by the daring Banu has paid its penance by assisting the beleaguered forces of Port Lokhart, strengthening its ties with the Imperial Navy forces that operate from there.

Additionally, the Anzaforr Dynasty has always been strongly associated with Desoleum. The house still maintains expansive holdings amongst all three of Desoleum’s primary hives, although in recent years Aristide Anzaforr has donated a great deal of property to the Temple Sacramentum Sacrosanctus. His reasons for doing so are charitable, or so he claims, but the spark in his eye whenever he makes this proclamation says a great deal more than his words.

Aristide’s Ascension

During the war with the Surena, Aristide won great renown, both for his shrewd manoeuvring outside of combat and for his tactical acumen. In a series of battles, raids, and skirmishes, he bested the captains of the Surena again and again, losing only one conflict (and his leg along with it). It was surprising to all, then, when the once- belligerent combatant humbly accepted the penance demanded of him. Further, he even went beyond its requirements, volunteering his flagship, the Oath Unspoken, to transport pilgrims across the holy pilgrimage routes of the sector, notably to the sacred cemetery world of Thaur.

His unexpected actions were a source of great aggravation and controversy within his own dynasty, and simply bewildered outsiders. Behind closed doors, Aristide met with the scions of his line. His explanations, whatever they might have been, satisfied most, but sent others to new heights of rage. No fewer than seven of his line took what wealth and ships they could and left Askellian space before the Warp storm front rose to its full height once more, and have not returned since. Aristide carried on, meting out no visible retribution upon these deserters beyond his mild amusement—which was perhaps the most damning insult he could hurl at his wayward kin. Under his rule, the dynasty has prospered, but many of its gains have been intangible, winning alliances in all manner of unexpected places and organisations.

Sector Praefectrix Anastasia XX and Arch Cardinal Harus do seem to approve of Aristide’s actions, and both have been known to compliment the depths of his devotion and penance. Some believe that Aristide’s outward piety and apparent remorse are calculated to improve his reputation throughout the sector, unlocking new doors and opportunities. This theory is quite plausible, for the storm front makes business beyond the sector difficult to conduct profitably, and so the Anzaforr dynasty must turn inward for new ventures.

The Anzaforr Dynasty

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