Saint Drusus


Drusus was a Lord General Militant of the Imperial Guard in early M39. Initially a subordinate to Lord Militant Golgenna Angevin in the Angevin Crusade, after the mental breakdown of Angevin, Drusus would take de facto command of the waning crusade against the Yu’vath and their allies.

Gaining the favor of the High Lords of Terra, rival generals attempted to kill the rising star with assassins. Though supposedly slain, Drusus was seemingly resurrected as a Living Saint, leading many to believe that held the Emperor’s favor. As a result, Drusus is given full formal command of the Crusade and leads a massive offensive that sees the final destruction of the Yu’Vath. Drusus remains a hailed hero across the Calixis Sector to this day.


Iocanthos was taken by General (Saint) Drusus’s 2nd Army Group during the first great crusades through the sector. As the planet lacked any significant technology, Drusus’s forces defeated the indigenous people, known as the Ashleen, in a single week of bloody fighting. Drusus later remarked in his memoirs that the only memorable aspect of the planet was the vast fields of wild flowers which resembled “Shimmering fields of rippling explosions, caught at that fleeting moment between beauty and destruction”. As ever, the general was perceptive as the Ghostfire would become central to the world’s future.

Saint Drusus

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