Ghostfire Pollen

Iocanthos’s sole tithe. It is a powerful psychoactive substance used as the base for a considerable number of combat drugs used by the Imperial Guard’s penal legions throughout the Segmentum Obscurus.

Imperial xeno-botanist Mogren Thunt was the person who discovered that the pollen of the native Ghostfire flowers contained powerful psychoactive properties and refined their use

Even Drusus remarked in his memoirs that the only memorable aspect of Iocanthos was the vast fields of wild flowers which resembled “Shimmering fields of rippling explosions, caught at that fleeting moment between beauty and destruction”

When the Administratum arrives to receive the planet’s tithe every five years, the warlord who provides the most ghostfire pollen takes the titles of planetary governor and vervai (prince of princes; king).

Port Suffering is the main hub where the tithe is collected and trans-shipped.

Ghostfire Pollen

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