Custom Weapon Profiles

House Talamar Oathkeeper

Clearly pillaged from a body of a House Talamar guild officer, this hand cannon was once used to wish “farewell” to any guild servants or officials that were forcibly “retired” or disgraced. Most notably, these models have built-in silencers and muzzle-breaks to prevent any disruption to business within the guild halls or council chambers.

Through the grime, blood, and damage you can tell that it was clearly once ornate. Now sadly, its engravings and craftsmanship are tarnished and faded.

Hand Cannon, Pistol, 35m, S/-/-
1d10+4 I, Pen 0
Clip 5, 2 Full Reload
3.5 kg, Rare
Silencer: Awareness tests to hear occur at -20 and at half normal range (200 Metres).

Naval Shotpistol

Shotpistols are compact, single shot hand cannons, designed to fire shotgun 
cartridges. These weapons are 
often the preferred sidearm of
 petty officers and boatswains who
 carry them to discourage any 
thoughts of mutiny, earning the
 weapon the nickname of “Persuader” in Naval slang. The use of shotgun cartridges helps prevent any stray shots from penetrating the vulnerable hulls of voidships and voidstations.

Due to their recoil, shotpistols impose a –10 penalty to hit if fired one-handed.

Shotpistol, Pistol, 10m, S/-/-
1d10+4 I, Pen 0
Clip 1, 1 Full Reload
1 kg, Scarce
Reliable, Scatter, Recoil (see above)

Rock Axe

As part axe and part hammer, rock axes are study and reliable hand tools for geologues and prospectors alike. Useful as a climbing aid or to split samples from rock faces, rock axes are used far and wide.

In a pinch, they can just as easily be turned into brutal close-combat weapons, utilizing their serrated blades or sharpened points to shear flesh and shatter bone alike.

Rock Axes confer a +5 to Athletics tests when climbing certain surfaces.

Rock Axe, Melee,
1d10+1+SB R, Pen 0
2 kg, Scarce
Primitive (8), Unbalanced

Custom Weapon Profiles

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