Askellon Sector

The Askellon Sector


The Askellon Sector is a mass of systems located in the benighted depths of space of the Segmentum Obscurus, between the infernal Eye of Terror and the cold, xenos-haunted Halo Stars.

Situated towards the end of a ragged stellar cluster that includes the Calixis, Ixaniad, and Scarus Sectors, it is long past its glorious apex, and few but the mad, the desperate, or the outcast dare travel there.

Askellon has stood since before the Age of Imperium, and its foundations are sunk far deeper than even its most senior rulers are aware. The oldest worlds in the sector are steeped in power, their cities and infrastructure built layer upon layer over generations beyond counting. The ruling classes have held sway since long before the rise of the Adeptus Terra or even the ascension of the Emperor to the Golden Throne, and they wear their authority like a mantle of invulnerability.

In the ten millennia that have passed since the founding of Askellon, the sector’s fortunes have waxed and waned many times. It has risen to the heights of power and prestige, only to be hurled into the depths of the abyss by the secret hubris of its leaders. Juno, the sector’s pre-eminent world and the seat of its Sector Praefect, has been overrun by alien invasion, torn apart by bloodthirsty rebels, and crushed by wars with neighbouring powers. Askellon’s peoples have been enslaved, butchered, and bombarded from orbit. Each time the sector has rebuilt itself atop the ruins, though never so high nor so proud as before. In current eras, many look back at past ages as golden periods and can only see darker times ahead.

Xenos threats are certainly on the rise, from raiders attacking vessels across the sector to entire armies seeking to conquer Imperial worlds.

The sector contains the remains of many long- dead alien civilisations, and even their ossified artefacts can cause irreparable harm in the wrong hands. There are tales of cults that dare worship the inhuman, befouling human souls with the taint of the alien. Worse still, there are rumours of the resurrection of races thought dead and forgotten, though only the gullible or fanatical give these credence.


The sector is afflicted with a seemingly unending Warp storm—known as the Pandaemonium— that waxes and wanes across the millennia, but is growing ever more intense and dangerous with each passing generation.

The Pandaemonium’s multi- faceted eruptions, however, seem to exist independently of other storms, more akin to a living creature seeking to devour the entire sector. Already, several of the major Navigator Clans have withdrawn their holdings from the region, allowing lesser houses to grow in dominance. Many Chartist Captains plying the lonely Warp routes in this area of the galaxy prefer to avoid Askellon when possible, and some have marked the area as anathema or refuse to even admit its existence in times when the Pandaemonium waxes in virulent intensity.

With each generation, Pandaemonium appears to grow stronger, though most assume this is more a reflection of Askellon’s earlier, more golden ages than any true measurements.

Notable Worlds

Agri-Worlds – Novabella, Cel, Kalto
Feudal Worlds – Hrax, Adderoth
Frontier Worlds – Marnine, Temperance
Highborn Worlds Juno
Hive Worlds Desoleum, Snope’s World
Shrine Worlds Thaur
Forge Worlds – Cerix Magnus, Selvanus Binary, Pellenne
Feral Worlds – Enkidu, Gregorn, Rund
Other Places – Laran 9k, Port Aquila, Port Lockhart, The Oath Unspoken

Askellon Sector

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