Amasec is a potent alcoholic liquor popular across the Imperium of Man that is distilled from fruit wines or other fermented beverages.

Many worlds produce drinks that go by this name. As such, their quality can vary considerably – ranging from basic brews to well-aged spirits suitable only for fine tastes. Certain locales produce well-renowned vintages known sector-wide for their aroma and flavour.

A handful of planets with climates especially well-suited to production are responsible to provide Amasec tithes for ceremonial use in the Adeptus Ministorum.

Amasecs Consumed:

Zetarian Dry ‘Sec
SlĂ©’maan Creamed ‘Sec
Moniack Vintage
Gunner’s Brew
The Famous Grox
Alek-Sandaire’s Keeth


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