Valdane's Chronicles

Illuminations - Part 1
The players begin their investigation on Iocanthos

The acolytes have traveled from Valdane’s flagship – The Reliant Dawn (their home and central hub) – to the surface of Iocanthos – a dusty, arid, and war-torn planet in the Calixis Sector.

Their goal is to investigate a series of bizarre phenoma that surrounds the construction of a new cathedral at Stern Hope. This cathedral is due to be consecrated in the name of Saint Drusus at the end of the week. The Inquisition is looking to ensure that it goes off without a hitch.

Upon arriving in Port Suffering, the acolytes were ambushed by some unruly youths – the “Old Ones” – a radical sect of the native Ashleen. Upon capturing one of them, they were told that “The wise ones have seen darkness brought from afar!”.

It seems like the locals have noticed unrest in the Ashleen over the last few weeks.

After finishing the fight, the acolytes have met with Aristarchus the Seer, a powerful and senior inquisitorial agent with experience in the Emperor’s Tarot and the investigation of warp-based phenomena.

It seems as if Aristarchus (a direct relative of Saint Drusus) is quite worried by the consecration of the new cathedral in five days time.

Aristarchus has provided meager equipment and arranged for transportation through the Shale Wastes – a dusty, dangerous wasteland often besieged by raiders and bandits.

The journey will take two days.

To supplement their gear, the acolytes have visited the local markets as well as the enforcers’ station.

The party leaves at dawn.


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