Varl Krieger

Clandestine operator, inquisitorial Interrogator.


Often cloaked – quite literally – in the shadows, Krieger is a lean man of roughly average height. Bearing a shaved head and scraggly facial hair, he has the ability to pass easily among many mid- and low-hive populations.

He usually carries a number of concealed weapons as well as numerous devices to aid him in his investigation and that allow him to continue his work in secrecy.


Varl Krieger is one of Valdane’s longest serving and most trusted acolytes.

Raised to the rank of Interogator in the aftermath of the Thaurian Incident, Varl has been tasked with carrying out Valdane’s will across the entirety of Askellon. He is one the few granted permission to bear the Inquisitorial seal of office, the Rosette.

Recently, Krieger has undertaken an investigation of the Greater Askellon Trade Combine, first at their large Atticus Compound, and then aboard Praxos Station. As such, he has had a first hand view of the conglomerate’s operations as well as the strange events that have plagued the way-station.

He believes that although the Combine’s practices may not be completely within the confines of the Lex Imperalis, their presence promotes stability in the region. He believes that although the Combine may have certain criminal elements, they should not be considered heretical.

Perhaps having served in the field for simply too long, Krieger has little trust remaining and is overly cautious – undertaking a great number of precautions to remain undetected. As such, he displays some paranoid and dissociative tendencies. However, it is also worth noting that Krieger is courteous, hospitable, and friendly once he feels comfortable and secure.

Little else is known about the man, but he serves as a living example of the toll of Inquisitorial service.

Varl Krieger

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