Inquisitor Tyrion Valdane

The acolytes' Inquisitor



You had met your Inquisitor only once. For one brief, fleeting moment. That moment had been more than enough to leave an impression. Clad in ornate, baroque armour, he had a commanding presence – assertive, and confident in every way. Still, he remained as much of a mystery after you met him as he was before.

Afterwards, in the voidship’s corridors, you had heard whispers that it was rare, in fact, to ever meet an Inquisitor – even as his own acolyte. Tyrion Hectus Valdane was a rare exception.

You still didn’t know why, when, or where he had chosen you for service, but he had known a wealth of information about your history and deeds. An unsettling amount. Even still, he said that you seemed like a suitable candidate for the Inquisition. For… some reason…

The nature of the modern war had changed, he said. He believed that your “colourful” experience may be useful. He made sure that you knew that the path of an acolyte would be difficult. Strangely, he still gave you a choice.

The call to service stirred something deep, instinctual inside of you. It was fated. You could never had actually refused such a choice.

He was pleased to hear this, but part of you wasn’t sure that you would have left alive if you had said no. Valdane didn’t seem like the type of man that you would want to anger…

You had yet to experience his wars, he said. Wars against crime and insurrection. Wars against the alien, the mutant, the heretic. You would operate in the shadows, at the edges of society and of the law. You would bring light to the darkness. You would develop skills of infiltration, investigation, sabotage… politics.

You would operate as an independent force, he said. Your group would carve its own path.

First, he said, a trial by fire. Sink or swim.

He told you to remember that you would be highly visible at all times. You would need to blend into society, not stand out from it. He emphasized that the less attention you drew to yourselves, the better you would fare.


It is still unknown to which of the three Holy Ordos that Valdane has committed himself.

Inquisitor Tyrion Valdane

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