Tybaltius Brubaker

Inquisitorial acolyte. Presumed dead.


Homeworld – Hive World Zetah VII
Background – Outcast Gangster / Gunslinger
Role – Desperado

Tybs wears an eye patch over his right eye, though it is only to conceal the Photo Visor he wears underneath. If the eye patch were to be removed, one would notice a tattoo over his eye. He attained this tattoo whilst working with the Bloodborne Gang, and received it due to being one of the senior members.

Tybs has a pierced left eyebrow. You wouldn’t know it though, since the ring he had on it was removed, and never returned.

Tybs smokes fairly regularly. Not because he enjoys it, but because the smoke inhalation is actually cleaner than the air is to breathe on Zetah VII.

Tybs’ signature weapon, an auto pistol named The Wolf’s Head, is a true marvel to behold. Gaining its title due to the howl it makes whenever drawn, it sports a variety of modifications, including a Red Dot Sight, Ammunition Selection, and an Extended Magazine. The bodies that have been lain due to this weapon are countless.

No scoundrel is without their faithful companion, and Tybs’ companion is in the form of a modified Servo Skull. While on board the Oath Unspoken, Tybs bartered his way into attaining a MonoTask Servo Skull, and then, through the help of his fellow acolyte Amador, attached a sniper rifle to the Skull, along with a tripod and motion predictor so that it could be used remotely. When not deployed and blowing apart heretics, or taking chunks out of Resurrected Demons, the Skull can be found floating next to his right shoulder.


Used to be a prominent member in a well-known and dominant gang named the Bloodborne Brothers on his homeworld, Zetah VII. He rose up the tiers of the cities, doing various jobs that required his skill with a gun, knife, and quick hand.

After accepting what should have been a simple job, he was betrayed by the his gang and arrested for the attempted assassination of one of the elites on the upper tier. It turns out the gang leader Sorgoth suspected Tybs of sleeping with his wife, which he totally was.

Through happenstance, his prison ship was intercepted and attacked due to other higher-profile criminals being on board, and Tybs was able to escape when it crashed on another planet

Tybs started over on this new planet, choosing to work for the Inquisition. While his love for the emperor knows no bounds, he undoubtedly has other motives for doing this.

Through his work as an Acolyte for the Inquisition, Tybs confronted his old gang boss Sorgoth, and defeated him. His old blood feud resolved, Tybs finds himself at a crossroads: to take over the Bloodborne Gang as the new leader (if any of the members even survived the chaos on Zetah VII, let alone if he can find them), or to let the gang die with the perishing of Sorgoth.

Life (and death) with the inquisition

Sitting on the steps of the Shrine to Saint Merusaad, Tybs held the mask of his old boss and friend, Sorgoth. Knowing that there was little he could do to atone for all of his crimes committed on Zetah VII prior to becoming an Acolyte, Tybs figured the best penance would be fiery retribution, courtesy of an Orbital Bombardment from the Reliant Dawn. There was no way Tybs could make the run back to the portal, even with the Slaught coursing through his system, and the Demon Izumat may also try to make it through, which above anything else, could not happen. What better way to pass the time than to take shots at the Demon with his Sniper Servo Skull while smoking your last Lho stick? Tybs couldn’t think of a better way to go, and go he did. As the assault fell, and white light enveloped the scoundrel, Tybs took one last look at Sorgoth’s mask, now discarded down the steps, his final thought before all went dark, see you soon, wherever in hell you are.

Tybaltius Brubaker

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