Thomas Drake

Devout warrior priest and inquisitorial acolyte


“Home World”: Feral World – Gregorn
Background: Adeptus Ministorum
Role: Hierophant

Divination: “The only true fear is dying without your duty done”

Preferred Weapon(s): Mono-edged Warhammer, Graia Pattern Boarding Flamer

Thomas’ tanned, gentle face sits atop a larger-than-average build. Pale grey eyes show hints of kindness, but also unrelenting fury.

Thomas is often accompanied by a loud-hailer servo-skull, broadcasting inspirational prayer and chants over the field of battle.


Beginning at a young age, Thomas enjoyed a quick rise up through the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy. Through tireless hard work, faith, and piety, Thomas impressed many members of the upper echelon of the Adeptus Ministorum.

Unfortunately, along the way, Thomas also slighted a powerful Abbot while competing for a lucrative posting against the Abbot’s son.

Through a series of backroom deals and numerous political favours, the Abbot ensured that Thomas lost any chance of obtaining the position.

Furthermore, in order to cover his tracks, the Abbot used his connections to send Thomas to a posting on Gregorn – a dangerous, feral world of violence, where primitives fight each other while struggling to survive against tectonic upheavals and predatory megafauna. Although the Abbot had hoped to kill Thomas through this posting, he has done nothing but strengthen the young priest’s body and resolve.

Even after facing so many hardships, Thomas’ faith remains especially pure. He seeks to smite heretic, mutant, and daemon alike while also purging Imperial offices of corruption.

With either his trusty hammer (a gift from the craftsmen-sages of Gregorn) or flamer (to remind him of his pilgrimage and hardships among Gregorn’s volcanoes), Thomas seeks to cleanse the galaxy of the unpure.

Thomas Drake

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