Taeric Brallagh

Feudal warrior and inquisitorial acolyte


Homeworld – Feudal World – Hrax
Background – Imperial Guard
Role – Warrior


Taeric is an Imperial Guardsman from the Feudal world, Hrax. Growing up on Hrax, he had very little contact with the Imperium, and, if possible, even less contact with technologies from before the Age of Terra. Born with a sword in his hand, his youth consisted of learning the ways of hand-to-hand combat, fighting in contests of strength to secure glory and position among those who considered themselves his peers.

As time went on, it became more and more clear that in order to truly test himself, he would need to seek stronger foes than those he could find in the arenas at home. He joined the Hraxian Guard, a fighting force his father had been a part of, whose purpose was to seek out heretics in the wilds who followed the Old Ways, believing that the Emperor was in fact not the Battle lord from the old legends.

Fighting witches and their defenders head-on, dressed only in his ceremonial armour, and with sword his sword, passed to him from his grandfather, he quickly gained favour in the eyes of his superiors. Word of his deeds spread, until they reached the local members of the Adeptus Administorum. He was quickly called to the service of the emperor, and drafted into the Imperial Guard, leaving behind all of his possessions except for his sword and armour.

Life in the Guard was quite the culture shock for Taeric. From the lighter that took him offworld to the lasgun they put in his hands when he reported for duty, everything was confusing and strange. His superiors eventually managed to teach him the basics of las weapon use, but Taeric ended up on the front lines of every mission he was sent on. His ferocity terrorized the enemy, and sometimes his allies, but they knew if they stood behind him when the fighting started, they would be clear of most of the gore.

Taeric Brallagh

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