Combat specialist and senior acolyte


Once a proud and handsome young man, Murco’s decades of service in the Imperial Guard and Inquisition have left him with a scarred and pockmarked visage.

He is of an average height, but built solidly – few would venture against him in a fight. Although he keeps his beard finely trimmed, Murco’s hair is a greasy mess of black and grey, permanently slicked back.

Murco is rarely seen far from his combat shotgun and many say he lives inside his armored, black bodyglove. Those with enough skill in reading mannerisms and body language know that Murco, even when unarmed, is always ready, thinking ahead.

Murco’s thick accent is quite evidently Valhallan – a fact that he is proud to share time and time again.


Murco is one of Valdane’s longest serving acolytes and although many of his remaining peers have ascended to the rank of Interrogator or higher, Murco seems content to remain an acolyte – preferring dirty work over the paperwork of higher Inquisitorial politics.

Murco does not hide his service in the Imperial Guard. His veteran combat skills have allowed him to survive many events that scores of others acolytes would or could not. As such, notions of life or death mean little to him. Murco is ferocious in combat and allows little to get in his way.

Although he has seen many horrors, Murco maintains an air of joviality – finding humour in even the darkest of places. Whether his enjoyment of carnage or bloodshed is genuine, rather than a coping mechanism, is a bit of mystery.


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