Eldar Ranger. Sanctioned Xenos. Presumed dead.


Though Eldar bear some superficial physical similarities to humans, they move with a disturbingly fluid motion, which some misguided souls might call graceful.

Morrinoe’s mannerisms, facial expressions, and the inflections with which she spoke her strangely accented Gothic were all so alien as to be inscrutable.


The Eldar Ranger known to humans as Morrinoe served with the Rogue Trader Aristide Anzaforr aboard his flagship, The Oath Unspoken. Anzaforr claims that her timely intervention saved his vessels from predation by a number of Eldar corsairs at some point in the past, and that afterwards Morrinoe simply stayed aboard.

After Anzaforr realized that this was to be a more permanent arrangement, he sought official sanctioning for her. Anzaforr asked no questions of her, and she asked none of him. Anzaforr claims that she was free to leave when she pleased, but that his family’s dynasty owed her for a great many matters that she assisted them on.

Speculation still runs rampant through the crew as to her true purpose. Was she tracking some enemy of her people? An ancient artifact stolen from one of
 their fallow worlds? The
 more imaginative spin 
tales of a tragic failing 
that drove Morrinoe 
from her people on some 
dark and secret quest for 
redemption. Whatever her
 purpose, she became
 a sporadic (but common)
 visitor aboard the ship, and was
tolerated by its crew, although 
given a reasonably wide berth.

Whatever the enigmatic Eldar Ranger’s purpose on the ship or her predisposition towards
 its passengers and crew was, one thing was for sure: Morrinoe needed the ship for something. Should anything or anyone threaten the vessel, she did her utmost to defend it.

Morrinoe was aloof and mysterious, often speaking cryptic phrases or laughing at bizarre moments. Still, she proved to be a surprising source of assistance. Though she had no care for the Acolytes or their fate, she understood the gravity of the work they did, not for the sake of humanity, but for its impact on the well being of the region known to the Imperium as the Askellon Sector.

Morrinoe is currently missing, presumed dead.

During the acolytes’ fight with the Crow Father, Morrinoe gunned down numerous Inheritors, letting the acolytes single out the daemon. On her way to escape through Grax’s summoned Gate of Infinity, the Crow Father seized her in his unholy talons, crushing the life from her. However, the portal closed without the acolytes truly witnessing her ultimate fate.


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