Graxon Pol

An unsettling Psyker and inquisitorial acolyte


Homeworld: Voidborn
Background: Astra Telepathica
Role: Seeker
Elite Advances: Psyker
Gender: M
Age: 39
Build: Gaunt – 5’6" 125lbs.
Complexion: Pale white
Hair: Black, and sparse
Quirks: Yellow Fingernails
Superstitions: Third Ship Omen
Momentos: Whittling knife, bent spoon
Allies: Letha, Araline, Verbal, Nathaniel, Tybs, “Unknown Sage”
Enemies: Heretics, enemies of the Imperium, The Crow Father


Grax is a human orphan born on a voidship and from a young age he had psychic tendencies. Forced into rigid structure and training of the Astra Telepathica, he was trained to use his telekinetic powers in the service of the God Emperor of Mankind to seek out heretics and xenos, and to either exterminate them, or capture them as prey.

Ruthless and uncompromising, Grax has a no-holds-barred approach to seeking out information and cares not for the those he hurts along the way. He uses his psyker powers to squash the minds of those who oppose him, and sometimes does not recognize friend from foe.

As dangerous as he is virile, his psyker abilities allow him to telekinetically move objects and crush limbs.

Graxon Pol

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