Kill-Team Fury

Deathwatch Kill-Team stationed in Askellon


Kill-Team Fury is one of only a handful of Deathwatch Kill-Teams currently operating inside of the Askellon Sector.

Bound to the Ordos Askelline through ancient compacts, the Battle Brothers of the Deathwatch stand ever vigilant against the xenos menace – wherever it may be found and whatever form it may take.

Unknown to most, Fury has been recently relocated to a Watch Post in the Stygies Cluster Sub-Sector by the order of the Lord Inquisitor Glastus in an effort to combat any potential Tyranid threat.

Although currently operating under the watchful eye of numerous Ordo Xenos inquisitors, Fury’s true allegiance lays with Watch Captain Eitrus and their Battle Brothers aboard Watch Station Kantrel.

Fury, like all Kill-Teams, is tasked with missions beyond the scope of normal warbands of inquisitorial acolytes or the Astra Militarum. As such, they are the last true line of defence before the full mobilization of the Imperial war machine.

Operational History:

Fury’s first true deployment was to the world of Cel to deal with a growing insurrection and Genestealer infestation. Arriving in-system, however, the situation was much more dire than they had been led to believe – as the first tendrils of a Tyranid hive fleet descend upon the beleaguered world.

Current Composition:

Freshly formed, Kill-Team Fury consists of the following Battle Brothers:


Hailing from the frozen wastes of his homeworld Fenris, Skold knows the only way to face death is with a laugh on your lips.

After completing his first Great Hunt of the Fenrisian wolves, Skold and his Great Company were charged with aiding the Imperial Guard in their fight against the Ork Warboss ’Eadbusta on Solsis.

In the bitter battle of Moonfang Pass, with the fate of possibly the entire planet on the line, Skold took command and rallied the collapsing Imperial lines, guiding the Guard to victory that day. After many months of brutal campaigning, the tactical marine was seconded to the Deathwatch – destined to lead a much worthier group.

Ashmon Kor is an Iron Hand of Clan Raukaan, who, on his first major engagement assaulted of the hive world Shardenus, cleansing the world of the daemonic taint of Slaanesh. All the way up to the highest spire of the capital – up kilometers of steps – he fought shoulder to shoulder with his clave Arx, never giving an inch. Implacable and never faltering, they advanced through blood and gore to reach the summit. Though gravely wounded on the desperate advance, Kor ignored his weak flesh, knowing that he would be all the stronger for replacing his damaged body with pieces of the blessed machine.

Despite his young age, Ashmon Kor is a Techmarine well on his way to becoming an Iron Father. He has been seconded to the Deathwatch for his unfaltering service during the purge.

Screeching from the skies, this Aquila-masked Black Templar strikes at his foes relentlessly – without mercy, pity, or fear. Having been tested during various hive world crusades, Gerhardt is no stranger to the carnage inherent in annihilating large groups of enemies. He has the utmost contempt for the enemy as he continues on his decades-long crusade to eliminate every last trace of heresy in the Imperium.

While older than some of his Kill-Team, he is nevertheless just as brutal and ruthless – especially in his pursuit of psychic foes. His exposure to the Tyranid menace occurred early in his life, and knowing their use of psychic powers as a communication tool and as weapons, he has learned to hate them with a fury previously unknown to humanity.

While a valuable asset to any Kill-Team, Gerhardt Vogel is also comfortable operating solo – as his jump pack allow him rapid access to areas where others cannot tread. Still, his thirst to dole out punishment on those deemed unworthy is amplified by his connection to his Battle Brothers, who encourage him to unleash his melee onslaughts on unsuspecting heretics and xenos alike.

Brother Dariel of the Flesh Tearers is no stranger to the Tyranids and their monstrous ways. Having served alongside the Ultramarines and Blood Angels at the battle of Macragge, concluding the first Tyrannic War, Dariel was there on the front lines at Cold Steel Ridge, his Sanguinator being used both as a weapon of destruction and to store the gene-seed of the many Brothers who fell. Dariel would be lost this day had the Thunderhawk Gunships not arrived to provide aid and evacuation against the Swarmlord.

Dariel, though injured in that battle, received much honor for his fighting spirit, and was sent to the Deathwatch at the conclusion of the war.

Reinor Tyr is a veteran Battle Brother of the Imperial Fists – having most recently distinguished himself on Cadia in the Battle of the Iron Labyrinth. There, at Kasr Vasan, alongside the Cadian Imperial Guard, Tyr and his squadmates faced down an invading warband of Black Legion.

At a pivotal moment during the battle, Tyr and his brothers became cornered on one of the citadel’s many bastions. With the Black Legion pressing in, the stubborn Fists refused to yield. Although taking heavy losses, Tyr managed to rally his brothers with a combination of battle hymns and a punishing rain of heavy bolter fire – pouring death down upon the traitors. Seeing that the Imperial Fists were so readily accepting of death, the Legion’s advance froze – eventually breaking the tide of their assault.

Once again, Tyr’s willpower and combat prowess proved to be stronger than the forces of Chaos. As such, he has now been sent to the Deathwatch to test his mettle against new xenos threats.

Uzas is enigma among the Astartes of Watch Station Kantrel. To his peers, Chapter is everything – more than a family, more than a brotherhood. Each individual is born of the Chapter’s flesh and indoctrinated in its ideals. Life outside of the Chapter is simply unimaginable.

Uzas, however, bears little indication of his origin. His black ceramite armour, though unusually angular and ancient, bears only a single identifying mark – a small, almost illegible imprint across the base of his right pauldron – “In Midnight Clad”. Furthermore, during especially powerful thrusts of his jump pack, his armour often discharges excess electricity, sheathing him in crackling pale blue energy.

Ancient edicts dictates that should an Astartes present himself to the Watch Commander armoured in black and bearing no insignia, his service should be accepted and the circumstances of his arrival forgotten. Although a rare occurrence, a precious few such “Black Shields” have emerged throughout the history of the Deathwatch and distinguished themselves through service.

Beyond even this, Uzas is further removed from the typical Astartes by his demeanour. Where others stand proud, Uzas is brooding, silent, and intense. His approach to battle is almost predatory, combining speed, stealth, surprise, savagery, and fear. Far from mindless, however, his actions betray a keen intelligence – as he applies horrific force precisely where and when it is needed to lay low otherwise mighty foes.

Clad in ancient armour and speaking nothing but an archaic dialect of High Gothic, Brother Erebos Tychon’s arrival to the Deathwatch was as much a mystery as his chapter markings. Still, the Carcharodon remained adamant that an ancient edict had dictated the necessity of his presence at Watch Station Kantrel and of his service to the Ordos Askelline.

Once a member of the Carcharodons’ Nomad-Predation Fleets, Erebos has grown comfortable operating outside of the Imperium’s borders and independently of other Imperial bodies. Additionally, although he will not disclose any details of how he gained such experience, he has repeatedly demonstrated a tremendous amount of knowledge about the Tyranid menace. As such, his transition into the Deathwatch has been remarkably smooth.

Simple and pragmatic, Erebos speaks seldom – but when he does, those around him pay heed. Although his speech is filled with forms of address and titles unused for millennia, his forward-thinking advice and guidance is usually followed – even if it is not always the comfortable or easy choice.

The odd times he has removed his helm, his greyish, pale complexion was marked by blank, black eyes, further adding to the mystery surrounding his previously unknown and unrecorded chapter.

Fighting and training alongside his Battle Brothers, Erebos has displayed an affinity for close-range firefights and assaults – with a calculated brutality and ruthlessness equaled only by his unlimited patience. Once forced to act, his ferocious, merciless savagery takes all in his path.


Hall of Remembrance:

Those found below have given their lives in service to the Emperor and the Ordos Askelline.

Junon Nerevar served as a battle brother of the Storm Wardens chapter. Ever the champion, Junon’s burning ambition and immense physical might allowed him to excel as an assault specialist, where his desire for glory in single combat was encouraged. Off the battlefield, Junon was considered wise for his relatively young age, and was employed as an instructor for the junior ranks. To these initiate marines, Junon was often admired as an exemplar of Storm Warden ethos.

When the time came to answer the call of the Deathwatch, Junon’s commanders felt he was a natural choice. Full of promise, It was hoped that Junon would flourish there, forging his uncanny might in the fires of front line battle, while honouring the chapter with his bravery.

Junon did indeed honour his chapter, though his life would be cut tragically short in the process. Junon gave his life to defeat a Tyranid Broodlord in the climax of the Battle of Lordsholm, and died moments after the creature, with his sword still impaled in the massive beast’s heart.

There could be no more fitting death for a Storm Warden. Junon is remembered fondly by his Chapter Brothers, and it is not rare to hear a Storm Warden sing a bittersweet ballad honouring Junon’s death during reverie.

Kill-Team Fury

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