Feral shaman, inquisitorial acolyte


Homeworld: Feral World – Kahn’dah
Background: Administratum
Role: Chirurgeon
Gender: M
Age: 61
Build: Thick – 6’4" 235lbs. Hunched over so he appears only 5’6"
Complexion: Dark black
Hair: Long black dreadlocks
Quirks: Many tribal tattoos
Mementos: Carries a leather pouch filled with the canine teeth of his children. 12 teeth in total.


On the planet Kahn’dah various tribal governments vie for control over the abundant jungle resources, often leading to violent conflicts between tribes. Unable to establish technological communication with other planets, the societies of Kahn’dah were isolated from the Imperium and established their own gods, mythologies, and medical practices.

Felpox belongs to a particularly violent tribe who was in constant conflict with a neighbouring tribe for control over the pox-fields. A dangerous poison to human beings, the pox was also used as a powerful remedy for other diseases, and granted the practitioners special abilities that the Imperium might consider heretical. His abilities to utilize this toxin – perhaps due to a natural biological resistance or his fervent devotion to his mythology – granted him the power to manipulate the pox, and ultimately control the destiny of his people.

Felpox’s society venerated the healing role, so his function as witch-doctor made him the de facto leader of his tribe. This status granted him the sole responsibility of communication with outside forces – whether it be with other tribes or beings from the sky, Felpox was the man they came to.

Settling disputes between warring factions was easy work for Felpox as he always settled accounts and bridged distances between societies through his brutal ways and lack of compromise. This made him a perfect candidate for the Inquisition when a group of raiders showed their ugly faces one day and kidnapped Felpox’s children for the slave-ships.

Thought to be enemies of his planet, Felpox concocted a deadly poison with the pox which he believed the raiders had no known resistance to. After secretly poisoning the food supply of the raider camps, he watched as the disease ripped them apart from the inside out – literally spewing their organs out. The Imperium took notice of this malicious act and knew that the Witch-Doctor of Kahn’dah was no man to be trifled with. The raiders were forced to return his children as he managed to wipe out all but their leader.

For his children’s weakness in not killing their captors, Felpox removed their canine teeth in penance and kept them in a leather pouch he wears around his neck. He did this violent act in a brutal ritual which included 5 days of prayer and sado-masochistic punishments. Included in this ritual was the flaying of the raider leader. His white skull tattoo was removed and grafted onto Felpox as a reminder of his own brutal beliefs and uncompromising nature.

Now that communication based on cultural respect was established between Felpox and the Imperium, they granted him the opportunity to serve the God-Emperor – the same god that Felpox had visions of and prayed to when he utilized his medical abilities. The great revelation of worshiping the same god did not leave Felpox feeling betrayed or tricked, rather he welcomed the true face of god and has left his tribe to further his devotion to the Emperor of Man.


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