The Crow Father

A daemonic, blasphemous abomination


First encountered by the acolytes on Iocanthos, this demon has posed a danger to numerous planets and civilizations throughout history. According to folk tales, the demon has taken many different names and forms.

On Iocanthos, the demon developed strong psychic ties to Shale Crows, a native, eyeless species of semi-reptilian, carrion-eating bird. As such, it earned one of its many names – The Crow Father. Like all daemons, should any learn the beast’s true name, they would hold tremendous power over the creature.

The demon’s presence often causes strange phenomenon; including the animation of the dead, hallucinations, odd visions, and vivid dreams, as well as more standard warp effects such as hoarfrost, balefire, bizarre noises, shadow figures, and electro-magnetic disturbances.

According to Iocanthos’ native population, the Ashleen, the Crow Father’s presence predated Imperial settlement. From oral histories as well as the acolytes’ firsthand accounts of what transpired on Iocanthos, the Crow Father appears to relish large sacrifices and bloodshed.

The demon has also shown a propensity for betrayal and vengeance, and, according to legend, it delights on turning “brother against brother”. This proved especially true in the case of Aristarchus, an Inquisitorial agent and relative of Saint Drusus. It was rumoured that Saint Drusus had defeated the demon during his crusade through the Calixis section in M39. The Crow Father used its powerful influence to corrupt and possess an ecclesiarchical abbot and deliver Aristarchus a xenos-tainted tarot deck, damning the seer and causing his downfall.

Both on Iocantos as well as when they encountered the creature on Desoleum, the daemon seems to have some sort of affinity, attachment, or relation to xenos artifacts.

Coincidentally, it appears as if the Crow Father’s fate seems to be somehow tied to the acolytes. The beast, having experienced Grax’s psychic emanations in the Sea of Souls may have now taken a specific interest. It is unknown if this ancient foe has ever physically materialized in the Askellon Sector before now.

On both Iocanthos and Desoleum, the acolytes encountered and defeated the beast in weakened states; a minor possession and a fresh daemonhost.

In their continued investigation of xenos artifact smuggling on Thaur, the acolytes encountered the Crow Father again. This time, deep in Thaur’s catacombs, they fought the daemon in the midst of a full-blown physical manifestation.

It is believed that the Crow Father – known as Izumat in the ancient Thaurian tongue – once plagued the world and may have been responsible for the downfall of whatever xenos race once walked its surface millennia ago.

The Inheritors – believing Izumat to be an ancient slumbering xenos god – summoned forth the Crow Father in a ritual involving Thaurian xenos artifacts that had been refined into a bizarre psychoactive fluid.

Burried deep beneath Thaur’s surface, these xenos artefacts had the propensity to generate hallucinations, localized warp phenomenon, and even insanity. Slowly but surely, the Inheritors were corrupted by these forces. The refinement process was somehow developed by The Heretek, further emphasizing his bizarre link or fascination in the Crow Father or daemonology.

Thankfully, the acolytes managed to defeat the cultists and once again destroy the Crow Father during what is now known as the Thaurian Incident. It is currently unknown if the Crow Father has been destroyed for good or if it will ever return.

If the daemon does materialize on another forgotten world, it is impossible to imagine what sort of vengeance it will seek.

The Crow Father

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