Lt. Antarro Corvath

Trusted inquisitorial pilot


Home World: ?
Background: Imperial Navy?
Role: Desperado?

Divination: “The wise learn from the deaths of others.”

Preferred Weapon: Compact Autoguns

First Lieutenant Antarro Corvath is barely taller than the average imperial citizen. Although once fair-skinned and handsome, Corvath is now scarred, aged, and greying.

Corvath’s still muscular build highlights his athletic conditioning and the physical extremes of a pilot’s life and daily activities. Although past his prime, Corvath still maintains his build to endure harsh gravitational forces and the strains of flight, combat, and maintenance activities.

His most distinctive feature is piercing, violet-coloured eyes, perhaps revealing some kind of relation to the fortress-world of Cadia.

Over the last ten years since the Thaurian Incident, Corvath has somehow lost his left arm. Although hesitant to talk about it, he has replaced the limb with a bionic implant.


Corvath used to be extremely outgoing and likeable, and once held a fierce reputation for being able to fly or drive just about anything. Now, Corvath is short with most strangers and comes across as jaded and worn out.

With a strong technical-knack, Corvath still performs many of his own repairs and modifications.

Corvath oversees the majority of the crews stationed on the acolytes’ deck aboard the Reliant Dawn. Even with his current demeanor, he still manages to maintain solid bonds and friendships with the majority of his battle-hardened comrades.

Corvath once bore a magnetic presence and agreeable quality that allowed him to hold any audience captive for a fair length of time. Now, it is his experience alone that fosters respect and admiration. He is now slow to make friends, and many are unsure if his nature is a reflection of the horrors he has witnessed.

Corvath’s favoured weapon is a Kreiss Pattern Autogun, complete with folding stock and integrated silencer. He also doesn’t shy away from employing a large variety of makeshift gadgets and tools.

Cunning and overly intelligent, Corvath will use anything to his advantage – be it people or weapons. Corvath seems to be enjoying the challenges and variety of inquisitorial duty.

Corvath’s handful of tattoos suggest a naval background. How he ended up in Valdane’s employ, however, remains a mystery.

Lt. Antarro Corvath

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