Caradoc Farstrider

Mechanicus Skitarii and inquisitorial acolyte


Stage 1(Youth):

Born a bowlegged cripple on a resupply vessel to Mars, Caradoc was abandoned by his mother. Thankfully, Caradoc was taken in by Tech Priests who realized that even when the Flesh is Weak one can still further the designs of the Omnissiah.

He was raised to revere the Machine God and his instruments on the mortal plane – the Priesthood of Mars. As Caradoc grew he showed great aptitude for innovative tech use and despite his crippled body developed a keen talent for marksmanship. Eventually his talents gained the attention of Magos Erioch who replaced his crippled legs with top of the line bionic replacements and had him inducted as a trainee Skitarii Ranger.

Serving well on several off-world missions to retrieve lost tech, he was promoted to serve on Erioch’s protection detail. Erioch presented him with an orb containing the flesh from his legs as a constant reminder of the frailty of flesh.

On a mission to retrieve stolen tech from a group of rogue scavengers, Caradoc nearly died after shielding Erioch with his own body after negotiations to return the stolen technology turned sour. It was only a spare autogun clip over his heart that kept him from joining the machine god.

In order to heal Caradoc, Erioch had autosanguine nanites installed in his blood and once he was back on his feet equipped him with subskin armour in order to make future shielding efforts more efficient.

Stage 2 (The Marnine Expedition):

When rumors reached Mars of hidden xenos technology hidden deep in the caves of the frontier world Marnine, Magos Erioch immediately formed an expedition to investigate – for all technology is the province of the Machine God and therefore belongs to his servants.

Caradoc, now the second in command of Erioch’s security detail, faithfully followed his master on the hunt. After months of travel through the warp, the expedition vessel The Omnissiah’s Will finally reached the Askellon Sector and Marnine.

At the planet’s outer atmosphere, their vessel was ambushed by an Eldar Eclipse Class corsair cruiser which quickly swarmed the stars with their highly sophisticated fighter craft.

Hopelessly outclassed, The Omnissiah’s Will quickly had their life support systems crippled and had to execute a dangerous rapid entry into the planet’s atmosphere to try and escape. Crash landing in the deserts of Marnine, the expedition quickly regrouped with what few members and equipment they could salvage before proceeding into the caverns beneath the planet’s surface in order to both search for the xenos tech as well as evade the pursuing Eldar pirates.

Stage 3 (The Caves):

Proceeding down almost a mile through labyrinthine tunnels, the small party set up camp in a large cavern with a strange glowing pool in the centre.

After scanning the pool, Erioch detected strange energy readings that did not match any other known signatures. Knowing that this was definitely what they had been hunting for, further investigation revealed that the pool extended almost to the planets core and reached extreme temperatures in the depths.

After remote exploration failed, Caradoc volunteered to venture down in one of the few salvaged environmental suits from The Omnissiah’s Will. It was to be a twelve hour descent to reach to bottom; surrounded on all sides by rock, extreme pressure, and scalding temperatures.

Finally sinking to the very bottom of the pool, Caradoc was confronted by a small metal sphere no great then three inches across covered in glowing xenos script. Knowing that this was what they had been searching, Caradoc retrieved the sphere and began the arduous ascent to the surface.

Triumphantly returning to the safety, Caradoc was horrified to find the slaughtered remains of his party. Spent casings and las-burns showed evidence of their hard fought resistance, but all for nought as their bodies were riddled with shuriken fire.

Gazing upon the broken and tortured body of his mentor Erioch, he swore not to let his sacrifice be in vain. Severing Erioch’s skull he concealed the sphere inside of it before fashioning a crude and bloody utility servo skull so his mentor could continue to aid him in death as he had always done in life. Salvaging the little useful tech remaining, Caradoc left the caves and set off into the desert with only his faith in the Omnissiah to sustain him.

Stage 4 (Farstrider):

Not much of note ever happened in the small settlement of New Haven, Marnine. Its citizens eked a dubious existence farming moisture to sell to other desert towns. They lived in fear of hostile wildlife, sandstorms, and roving bandit groups looking for an easy score. That all changed the day The Farstrider arrived.

Trudging out of the desert heatwaves with gleaming metal limbs, a tattered red imperial cloak blowing out behind him, and a bloodstained servo skull hovering over his right shoulder, many mistook him for a mirage.

He marched right into the town centre where he was met by a delegation of the town council lead by the mayor.

Caradoc proclaimed: “Fleshlings, I demand immediate transport to Mars in the name of the Adeptus Mechanicus!”

The mayor and council exchanged uneasy glances.

“Son,” the mayor said, "I would love to help you but the only ship capable of offworld travel ‘round these parts is a supply ship not due back for another three years.”

Caradoc was dismayed he wouldn’t be able to complete his mission and return to the fold for another three years.

“Look,” the mayor said, “you look like you’ve been through some awful hardships. You any good with that hand cannon strapped on your hip?" he asked.

Caradoc promptly had his pistol drawn and in their faces.

“The omnissiah has granted me great skill,” Caradoc replied.

“Well then,” the mayor smiled nervously, “how about we strike a deal? You help protect the settlement and fix up some tech and we’ll give you food and lodging and make sure there is a berth with your name on it on the next resupply ship."

Caradoc pondered the proposal before shortly replying: “It seems this is the path the Omnissiah has laid out for me. We have a deal.”

The mayor spat on his hand and held it out to seal the deal, but Caradoc merely stared at the outstretched limb in confusion.

“Mevermind that,” said the mayor, awkwardly lowering his hand, “what’s your and name and where in the blazes did you come from?Tthere is nothing but desert around here for miles.”

“My designation is Caradoc 90-17 and I have come from the caves to the East on a holy mission from Magos Erioch," Caradoc assuredly replied.

The mayor was dumbfounded. “All the way from the caves? That’s over 100 miles from here. You walked all this way with no gear? Caradoc 90-17? No, your name is Caradoc Farstrider."

Stage 5 (Joining the Inquisition):

Unable to return to Mars with the xenos artifact, the newly dubbed Caradoc Farstrider began to aid the town of New Haven as best as he was able. Soon the town grew a reputation for unprecedented safety as Caradoc swiftly put down threats with his trusty hand cannon – be they wildlife, bandit, or xenos scum. He was even able to fashion a crude storm shelter after re-purposing a shield generator from the wreck of The Omnissiah’s Will.

Soon enough, tales of a lone Skitarii Ranger, endlessly patrolling the deserts of Marnine hunting the lawless spread off-world.

When the next supply ship arrived in three year’s time, so did Inquisitor Valdane. He had heard the strange tales regarding Caradoc and was determined to investigate. He confronted Caradoc and demanded an explanation for his presence on the planet.

Recognizing Valdane as a servant of the Omnissiah, Caradoc told the tale of the ill-fated mission and revealed the secret that he had succeeded in is mission and guarded the artifact still. Impressed with his dedication and perseverance, Valdane arranged for Caradoc to be directly transported to Mars in return for which Caradoc Farstrider would serve him in whatever way he saw fit. Overjoyed at finally being able to complete Erioch’s mission, he now sees Valdane as the Hand of Omnissiah and will serve him with unquestioning loyalty.

Caradoc Farstrider

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