Calidus "War Boy" Ahaus

Daredevil Thief and inquisitorial acolyte


Home World: Frontier
Background: Outcast
Role: Assassin


Growing up on the frontier, there were always chances for mischief. Finding he had for a knack of it, he spent much of his youth forcing himself into situations that made this mischief bigger and more spectacular.

In his teens, when presented with a life of hum drum or a life on the edge, he jumped onto the first ship leaving his planet. With no friends or job prospects, Calidus began living on the fringes of society. Teaming up with a few other desperate souls, he joined the age old industry of battlefield scavenging. Dropping just before the major troops landed, they would sneak into the evacuated building and steal anything of value. In this industry, you either needed to be quick or hard to kill, luckily for Calidus, he was both. After scouring enough battlefields, he eventually got the nickname “War Boy”.

After gaining enough skills and infamy, the authorities began to take notice. After dodging the Arbites for months, he was finally caught. Given the option of working for the government or a deserters death on the frontier…..

War Boy is full of energy at all time, constantly fidgeting and only really feels alive when there is danger.

- Not afraid of killing but not interested in death for death’s sake.
- Willing to risk his life for his friends
- No connection to previous family

Calidus "War Boy" Ahaus

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