Dalsius Brenner

Convicted heretic and ex-Combine Adept


Dalsius Brenner was an adept in the employ of the Greater Askellon Trade Combine, and sported their standard uniform – a grey double-breasted tunic edged in gold piping. The Combine’s crest – a hollow, three-colour triangle – marked each of his shoulders.

By most accounts, Brenner was rather average and mostly unremarkable.

Slightly below average height, and with a slightly less than average build, Brenner had the air of a normal citizen of the Imperium.

Seemingly eager, but intimidated, Brenner was often surrounded by a mess of dataslates and reams of parchment readouts.


The acolytes first encountered Brenner during their investigation of the Combine’s facility, Tertia-12. As the Combine’s official representative, Brenner was tasked in aiding the acolytes to determine the nature of the crisis, repair any critically damaged systems, and restore operations to the refinery.

Little was known about Brenner’s past or abilities, however, he showed a modest intelligence and strong technical knack, and he had a good understanding of many of the Combine’s affairs.

Regardless, Valdane has a clear distrust of the Combine and suspects something awry with their operations. Valdane tasked the acolytes with keeping a watchful eye on Brenner and to maintain an air of suspicion throughout their investigation.

Upon return to Praxos Station, Brenner left the party to brief the Combine what transpired on Tertia-12 as well as the fate of the refinery.

During their subsequent investigation of Praxos Station, the acolytes discovered that Brenner had been feeding information regarding the Inquisition and the Combine to the genestealer hybrids. The acolytes then managed to track him down before he had a chance to escape the station.

After a brief but brutal firefight, the acolytes managed to catch Brenner alive. Interrogator Krieger, Felpox, and an Adeptus Arbites commander managed to interrogate him, gaining valuable knowledge of his heretical associates. Once completed, Ishamael dispensed the Emperor’s justice.

Dalsius Brenner

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