Aristarchus the Seer

Heretic Excommunicatis


You first encountered him at the Refectories on Iocanthos, seated at a wooden table in an old leather chair. He wore charcoal-grey robes and had a small smile on his lean, handsome face. As you entered, he was holding a set of large ivory cards in his hands which he quickly replaced into a silver case and returned them to the pocket of his robes.

Close up, you could see that he has curious gold- grey eyes and the sanctioning electoo of the Scholastica Psykana imprinted on one cheek. You noticed that a black satchel hangs at his side. The bag is made from emadar silk, an expensive material, and held shut with several lead purity symbols, each one bearing a long crimson ribbon that trails behind him.


A widely famed reader of the Emperor’s Tarot, known for the accuracy of his divination, Aristarchus also had wide experience at investigating psychic phenomena and had served the Inquisition faithfully for several decades.

Aristarchus was a member of Valdane’s personal cadre.

When the acolyes first encountered him on Iocanthos, Aristarchus offered a few items and had arranged transport into the Shale Wastes.

Aristarchus was extremely proud of his direct relation to Saint Drusus. As such, the consecration of the cathedral honoring Drusus at Stern Hope weighe heavily on his mind.

At dawn of the next day, Aristarchus was visibly tired, but still eager to travel. During this journey, Tybs learned that Aristarchus’ beautifully crafted tarot deck was actually a “touching and generous gift” from Abbot Skae – the missionary in charge of Stern Hope.

During the first night, scuffling was heard outside of the camp and the acolytes witnessed a strange, eyeless body standing staring at them. Aristarchus, strangely, dismissed their concerns, saying that they were: “simply afraid of the night and shooting at nothing but shadows and darkness.” He quickly returned to a restless sleep, clutching his tarot deck.

On the second day, the party encountered a strange figure on a rocky outcrop. Before they could get close enough to investigate, the figure seemingly disappeared, leaving only a scorched image on the dusty ground. Aristarchus – as a relative of Saint Drusus – took great meaning from this symbol; an image of Saint Drusus’ 2nd Army Group.

The next morning, having arrived at Stern Hope, an extremely worn out Aristarchus took the party to an audience with Abbot Skae. Upon returning to their lodgings that evening, Aristarchus was nowhere to be seen. Seemingly, he had been in an audience with Skae for the entire day.

The next morning – the day of Saint Drusus’ Feast and the consecration – there was evidence that Aristarchus had returned to his room sometime during the night. Still, he remained missing at breakfast.

Aristarchus finally appeared, looking disheveled and exhausted. He claimed that his nights were now sleepless and that his cards were displaying odd visions. He apologized that he would be unable to attend the morning’s ceremonies but he would try to rejoin the acolytes after some much-needed rest.

During the bandit raid on Stern hope, a fanatic had been captured – clearly insane. Esha Raine tried to convince Skae and Aristarchus that the man was crazy and driven by some obscene force. Before any real discussion could take place, Aristarchus executed the prisoner and attempted to brand Raine and her group as heretics as well. His voice was harsher that the party had heard thus far.

Later, when the Abbot was attacked by unseen forces, Aristarchus was furious. He was convinced that Raine was the perpetrator and demanded that the acolytes head to her settlement in the hills and arrest her.

When the party returned, Aristarchus and the Abbot were taking part in some sort of daemon-summoning ritual. Aritarchus – clouded by the treacherous Abbot and the heretical tarot deck – truly believed that he was to be used as a vessel to bring forth the reincarnation of Saint Drusus.

After having blinded and finally defeated the Abbot Skae-thing – now possessed by a powerful daemon known as The Crow Father/Dancer at the Threshold – Aristarchus was consumed by a powerful psychic explosion that rippled across the system.

Having examined remnants of Aristarchus’ deck, Amador concludes that the cards – a gift from Abbot Skae – were actually constructed from xenos technology. Using the cards, the daemon-possessed Abbot exploited Aristarchus’ desire to see the Saint reborn; shattering his mind, and manipulating him to commit terrible sins.

Although once a faithful and well-respected inquisitorial servant, Aristarchus has been posthumously declared Heretic Excommunicatis.

The acolytes aboard the Reliant Dawn have felt his loss.

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Aristarchus the Seer

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