Lord Captain Aristide Anzaforr

Enigmatic Rogue Trader




See also The Anzaforr Dynasty.

Aristide Anzaforr is a mystery even to his own vassals and servants. A man whose personal piety was never central to his concerns, he has all but converted his personal 
flagship, the Oath Unspoken, into a pilgrim transport.

Many of the longest-serving retainers of the venerable family have become more and more
despondent in recent times as other Rogue Trader families have moved in on new trade openings while, as they see it, Aristide has taken to shuttling lice-ridden fanatics and mystics from one world to the next.

That being said, Aristide has made the pilgrimage business as profitable as could be expected. Many pilgrims give up their last possessions to pay for the trip; after all, most visitors to Thaur never intend to leave. Moreover, in the course of his ceaseless transits, he looks for any opportunity to turn a profit. Nobles, Consortium representatives, and other such worthies invariably dine with the Lord-Captain. During these solemn meals, talk often turns to business, and the Rogue Trader has struck many deals in this way

Anzaforr is equally charming and intimidating, a master of diplomacy as much as naval strategy. He is also more than willing to help the Acolytes and could serve as a powerful ally. While he loudly portrays himself to all as a pious and dutiful servant of the Imperium, he is in fact always on the lookout for ways to improve his family’s fortunes. He claims to help the Acolytes out
of a selfless desire to serve the Emperor, but
in truth, he hopes to benefit from his relation with them, at some point in the future if not at present.

Lord Captain Aristide Anzaforr

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