Amador Augustus

Mechanicus Sage and inquisitorial acolyte


Homeworld: Cerix Magnus
Background: Adeptus Mechanicus
Role: Sage
Elite Advances: None
Gender: M
Age: 35
Build: Medium, Fit – 5’11"
Complexion: Dark Skinned
Hair: Black, short, often unkempt
Superstitions: Castigate the Flesh
Momentos: Skull fragment, Bag of red sand
Allies: Grax, Nathaniel, Tybaltius
Enemies: The Daemonic, Zombies.


Growing up on the forge world Cerix Magnus, Amador always knew that he would one day be a tech-priest. From a young age, he demonstrated intelligence and perceptive abilities greater than those of his peers, and that attracted the attention of the priesthood. Amador was raised under the tutelage of Markon Deralius, a tech-priest of considerable skill and standing, who gifted him with his Utility Mechadendrite upon his ascension to the priesthood.

On a mission to the outer reaches of the Imperium, Amador watched his mentor get vaporized by a Daemonic death squad, leaving only his half-shattered skeleton and his weapon of choice, the Hand Cannon.

Amador Augustus

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