Valdane's Chronicles

Remembrancer's Archive - Junon Nerevar

787.M41 - Sacris


“Why do we fight?”

Brother Junon bellowed the question at his four junior battle-brothers as they circled him in the sparring arena, ceremonial blades held at the ready. Their tension was visible in the muscles of their unarmoured bodies as they prepared to attack their instructor. Junon, massive even by Astartes standards, stood at ease in the center of the arena, sword held low.

“To defeat the enemies of mankind, and liberate the Imperium!” barked Brother Cedric before he lunged at Junon from the flank, slashing his blade in a downward arc. Brothers Markus, Tarrik and Caleb followed his lead, lunging in unison at Junon from every direction.

“No.” Junon said flatly. He moved in a heartbeat, driving directly back into Cedric. Cedric, caught mid-swing while his blade was still raised above his head, was thrown off balance and hit the ground. Junon emerged on his far side, outside of the circle his brothers had formed.

“We will never defeat the enemies of mankind.” Continued Junon, to his brothers’ dismay. “There will always be a new enemy. It is the nature of the universe. War never ceases…” he stated, gesturing to Brother Cedric as he lifted himself off the ground, raising his blade anew.

“…and the universe only grants glory to those who fight for it”

Cedric lunged again, furious and determined, this time stabbing straight towards Junon’s heart. In a flash, Junon caught the blade with his bare hand. Blood began to drip from his palm as he held the blade an inch from his chest. Then, to Cedric’s dismay, Junon slowly placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder, as if comforting him. Junon’s voice took a milder tone

“The Emperor took this universe in a great crusade, and only through constant war will it remain His. So never forget, brothers…” lectured Junon, still gripping the bare blade in place. Markus, Tarrik and Caleb circled to Junon’s back, sensing an opportunity to strike.

“…Combat is worship…” Junon began. The three brothers began their charge.

“….Strength is faith made manifest,” Junon continued, louder now. It was in this fraction of a moment that Cedric realised his feet were not touching the ground. Junon was lifting Cedric’s entire body off the ground by his shoulder.

“…And we fight to remind our enemies that this universe already belongs us!”

With a backwards step and a turn, Junon swung Cedric’s body around his own, and flung him through the air and into his charging brothers. The three charging brothers were knocked from their feet, and hit the ground in a pile at the far edge of the arena. Junon laughed, apparently enjoying himself now.

“Now attack me again!” he roared.



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