Valdane's Chronicles

Falling Skies - Part 4

Taking the relay. An encounter in the dark.

The battle brothers quickly begin closing the distance to the relay station’s blast door while Tyr lays down a wave of suppressing fire over their heads – shredding the rooftop defenders. His heavy bolter chugs, ripping through flesh, rockcrete, and plasteel.

Dariel, Junon, Skold, and Gerhardt go to work on the remaining ground-level defenders while Kor initiates the rites needed to unlock the large blast door.

The remaining rebels put up a negligible fight. Skold’s Metal Storm rounds and a variety of close-combat weapons make quick work of the machine gun teams.

Still, the forces holding the roof fire back. A volley of stub rounds manages to catch Tyr in the helm, slamming his head backwards and throwing off his aim.

While the rest of Kill-Team Fury secures the blast door, Gerhardt rockets up to the roof, slamming down into the rebel barricade. The bodies soon pile up around him. Tyr finishes off the stragglers, peppering his comrade with chunks of rebel blood and bone.

With the rebels routed and the door opened, the PDF moves to secure the machine gun emplacements and begins reconstructing the crude sandbag barricades and defensive positions.

Gerhardt enters the facility from the roof, attempting a quick inspection of the relay’s condition. Inside, the scene is chaotic, with walls and floors marked with gunfire, blood, and large, deep gouges. It is clear that some kind of fight has taken place.

Fearing possible traps or ambushes, Skold orders Gerhardt to pull back.

Instead, a small PDF patrol is sent inside to find out what has occurred.

The Astartes reload their weapons and check on their comrades, but after some time, it is clear that the PDF patrol will not be returning.

Junon, recalling key points from his hypno-indoctrination, suspects that a Lictor may be to blame. As such, Fury decides to enter and cleanse the station. As they progress inside, Skold explains the Space Wolves’ ancient pack tactics – perfect for a hunt such as this.

The station’s twisting hallways are cramped, and once again filled with the stench of gore and signs of combat. After a few tense minutes, Skold locates the central control chamber. Still, whatever organism took over the station has not made its presence known.

Kor begins to awaken the relay’s machine spirit while Tyr and Skold head back to rally the PDF to flush the creature out.

Gerhardt, Junon, and Dariel keep a tight defensive formation.

From one of the corners, a dark shimmer is the only warning sign before the beast strikes.

Large, translucent talons slice downwards, plunging into Gerhardt’s side. Immediately, powerful toxins start coursing through his system. Thankfully, his Oolitic kidney quickly removes the impurities.

The brothers all attempt the fight the beast – a nightmare blur of slashing arms and tangling flesh-hooks. The creature continuously strikes from the shadows, landing a few blows before dodging any possible counter attack and disappearing once more.

Meanwhile, Kor ignores the predicament behind him, focusing on his objective and continuing to reactivate the station.

Skold and Tyr, seeing the combat on their helmet vid-screens, immediately depart back into the station – bringing a handful of PDF with them. The Astartes, leaving the slow humans far behind, quickly reach the control centre.

The chaotic dance of death continues.

Then, sensing a small opening, Junon leaps at the shimmering, mostly-invisible beast, managing somehow to wrap his arms around the creature. The Lictor thrashes and flails violently, but the Storm Warden hangs on.

Alarms sound inside Junon’s helm as his power armour’s servos strain past their limits. Wrenching the creature to the side, he slams the beast into the ground.

Dariel plunges his adamantium-tipped drill deep into the creature’s exoskeleton. Purple-black ichor begins pouring from the wound, coating the Tyranid in its own gore, and finally rendering some of it fully visible.

The Lictor thrashes back to its feet, but Junon still somehow manages to hold on.

The wounded Gerhardt strides forward, voxing the battle cry of his chapter:

“No pity. No remorse. No fear.”

With holy vengeance, he removes the abomination from existence – tearing it apart with his hungry chainsword and cleansing the domains of man.

Now dead, the creature’s chameleonic scales cease to function, revealing the true horror of the vanguard beast. The Astartes approach cautiously, wary of a possible feint.

As the brothers gather around to finally get a good look at their foe, power returns to the station and Cel’s vox network crackles back to life. Kor steps away from the console.

Communications are stable. For now.



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