Valdane's Chronicles

Dark Pursuits - Part 3

An ancient foe, returned

The acolytes continue their hunt through the dark tunnels beneath Port Gyre. Eventually, gunshots ring out down an adjacent corridor, shattering the eerie silence. The acolytes follow the sound of the intense firefight and find a shocking sight.

At a pumping station deep beneath the surface of Desoleum, a Tech Priest and his retinue are fighting with the malefic creature that the acolyte have been tracking. The Tech Priest is at the back of the room, reciting loudly from an ancient, leather-bound book while his men, and servitors, attempt to drown the creature under a massive volume of gunfire.

The creature floats above the group, a tall, pale mockery of a man who twists and bends in an unnatural manner. Gaunt and naked, the creature’s body contorts and shifts into bizarre, blasphemous forms. Its fingers have become long talons that seem to rip into reality with each grasp. Its eyes are terrible pools of Warp-light. The daemon’s scarred and rune-covered flesh armour is adorned with various charms and tools along with long swaths of ritual cloth and chains.

The acolytes believe that the Tech Priest is the same that they had seen recently at Port Gyre’s checkpoint. Uziel approaches the figure, trying to get a grip on the situation. Immediately upon seeing him approach, the Tech Priest orders his men to fire. Having now had a good, close look, Amador is sure that the Tech Priest is actually a foul Heretek – one who has turned his back on the Omnissiah.

The Heretek fires a charged plasma bolt directly into Uziel’s face. The acolytes dive for cover and join the swirling, three-way battle.

Grax, Tybs, and Amador find their way to an elevated platform, getting a good vantage point over the clash. Uziel dives into the stairwell, grabbing cover, and then begins firing grenades down the wide corridor.

The pumping station is in chaos as the sounds of explosions, gun fire, and Warp-energy erupt through the enclosed space.

Shots are exchanged on each side. Uziel dumps magazine after magazine into the crowds. The acolytes score numerous kills. They also manage to wound the Heretek, who flees down a side passage, sealing the door behind him. The daemon begins ripping its way into the Heretek’s men, occasionally trying to destroy acolytes with abhorrent psychic powers.

Now sure that the being is, in fact, the Crow Father, Grax begins a psychic duel with the creature— and is gravely wounded. Many of the other acolytes are wounded as well.

After his weapon runs dry, Amador leaps from the balcony and attempts to close with the foe. At such a close proximity, the creature’s essence of evil is overwhelming. The foul Warp-light spilling from the being’s eyes terrify the young acolyte.

Finally, with overwhelming firepower, the acolytes finish off the creature. By now, the Heretek’s retinue have all given their lives to fight the daemon. Uziel manages to strike the last blow, demolishing the creature’s face with a sure-fire blast from his shotgun. The daemon’s body dissolves into a puddle of unnatural, purple-black ichor. Uziel takes a small amount of the foul substance as a blasphemous trophy.

The acolytes piece themselves together and start their slow journey out of the tunnels. Returning into Desoleum City, they gather their belongings and seek transport back to the Reliant Dawn.

They secure the xenos artifacts that they had recovered and spend weeks undergoing various debriefings and psychic screenings searching for signs of corruption. Eventually, the acolytes are released back to their deck.

Knowing that another mission is soon to come, they rest, rearm, and reload.



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