Valdane's Chronicles

After Action Report - Thaur

Report from Amador Augustus



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Upon retreating through the portal, I noted my missing leg, and Graxon’s broken body lying to the side. The flesh is weak. Setting to work, I patched myself up, then stabilized the psyker enough for him to last until the extraction teams could get to us. I also noticed Tybaltius’ half-blasphemous servo skull hovering just out of reach near the ceiling of the chamber.

My mechadendrites took hold of it, and it floated at my side without complaint. At some point it had lost the Iho stick from between its teeth, and it looked odd without it somehow. I went through the hutches in the Lord Pyre’s waiting room until I found a pack and reinserted one in between the skull’s teeth, all the while listening to the thunderous sounds of the Omnissiah’s cleansing bombardment.

It was by His will alone that Graxon and I had made it through the fight with REDACTED, and I spent the remainder of my wait in silent prayer to the Machine God. I do not believe we will be welcomed back to this planet as venerated dead when our time has come.

I am not sure how Graxon survived the blast from Uziel’s melta gun, nor am I convinced that either of us deserved to. I have seen horrors the likes of which I could never imagine in my journeys with these other brave servants of the Emperor, and I am certain that I will be seeing more in the months to come. All I can do is believe that the Omnissiah has a plan for me.

As I lie in recovery on the Reliant Dawn, memories of my fallen comrades flash through my mind. Uziel and Tybaltius died heroically, although I must admit, I do not see the benefit of heroism. Logically, Uziel at the very least could have closed the portal from this side. He was not a very logical man though. Effective, but not logical. In any event, he saved my life, although I also vaguely recall him blowing off my leg with a melta gun. It’s probably for the best. The one they are installing will be an improvement.

Tybaltius seemed to give up at the end. I believe I saw him sitting down smoking an Iho stick rather than making for the portal. I wonder if he believed the Omnissiah’s plans for him had come to an end when he interrupted the summoning ritual. The skull floats beside me, and the Iho stick in its mouth puffs smoke, even though it’s not lit. The machine spirit within it must be restless.

I have not seen Graxon since coming back to the ship. When Uziel’s melta blast struck him, and the portal closed, I was sure he was done for, but when I went to him, he seemed very much intact, though dazed. The Omnissiah’s blessing was strong with him that day. I wonder if we will be reassigned to the same warband in the future, or if I will see his strange sneering face again at all. Admittedly, it is comforting to know that there won’t be any blood from the warp exploding on me in the near future. I don’t know how much more of that I am able to endure.

The experiences that I have had working with these men are incredible, and I won’t forget them. Omnissiah, keep them safe. May the souls of the dead rest with the Machine God, until such time as he sees fit to reforge their spirits into a stronger hull.

End of Report.
Amador Augustus



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